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First Edition

A Practical Introduction to Hardware/Software Codesign
2nd Edition

Patrick Schaumont
2nd Edition, 2012, xxii+480p
ISBN: 978-1-4614-3736-9
December 2012


This textbook provides an introduction to embedded systems design, with emphasis on integration of custom hardware components with software. The key problem addressed in the book is the following: "How can an embedded systems designer strike a balance between flexibility and efficiency?" The book describes how combining hardware design with software design leads to a solution to this important computer engineering problem. The book covers four topics in hardware/software codesign: Fundamentals, the Design Space of Custom Architectures, the Hardware/software Interface and Application Examples. The book comes with an associated design environment that helps the reader to perform experiments in hardware/software codesign. Each chapter also includes exercises and further reading suggestions.

Table of Contents [PDF]

  • Preface

  • Part I: Basic Concepts
  • Part II: The Design Space of Custom Architectures (Dedicated to Flexible)
    • Chapter 5: Finite State Machine with Datapath
    • Chapter 6: Microprogrammed Architectures
    • Chapter 7: General-Purpose Embedded Cores
    • Chapter 8: System-on-Chip

  • Part III: Hardware-Software Interfaces
    • Chapter 9: Principles of Hardware/Software Communication
    • Chapter 10: On-Chip Busses
    • Chapter 11: Microprocessor Interfaces
    • Chapter 12: Hardware Interfaces

  • Part IV: Applications
    • Chapter 13: Trivium Crypto-Coprocessor
    • Chapter 14: AES Co-processor
    • Chapter 15: Cordic Co-processor

  • Appendix: Hands-on Experiments in GEZEL

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