Download GEZEL

GEZEL is distributed in debian package format.
Supported platforms include

  • xenial 16.04 LTS (i386 and amd64) (last updated 7/15/2016)
  • trusty 14.04 LTS (i386 and amd64) (last updated 4/7/2014)
  • precise 12.04 LTS (i386 and amd64) (last updated 11/23/2012)
  • lucid 10.04 LTS (i386 and amd64) (last updated 11/23/2012)
GEZEL consists of multiple components. It is bundled in 6 packages.
The main repository for GEZEL is at

Consult the Installation Guide for installation instructions.

Package Function Location
gezel-base-release Simulation and code generation /opt/gezel
gezel-debug-release Simulator compiled debug information (for developers) /opt/gezel-debug
gezel-sources-release Source code package (simulators and code-generators) /opt/gezel-sources
gezel-examples-release Design examples /opt/gezel-examples
gezel-simitarm-release Port of Simit-ARM with cosimulation interfaces /opt/simit-arm-sfu
gezel-simulavr-release Port of simulavr with cosimulation interfaces /opt/simulavr

The -release suffix must be set to your Ubuntu distribution: lucid, precise or trusty.

Please note that the GEZEL repository location was changed with version 2.5.12.

If you have previously installed GEZEL, you first have to uninstall the old version,
and change the repository location. Consult the installation instructions for updated information.

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