IAMeter Documentation

Welcome to the IAMeter project website. This project is an open source endeavor created by the Secure Embedded Systems Lab at Virginia Tech.

This project is a modular approach to running, and therefore testing hardware against, various forms of implementation attacks.

For those of you interested in a discussion of the design decisions underpinning IAMeter, we have this publication.

To refrence this project, please cite this paper.

L. Judge, M. Cantrell, C. Kendir, P. Schaumont, “A Modular Testing Environment for Implementation Attacks,” Workshop on Redefining and Integrating Security Engineering at ASE/IEEE International Conference on Cyber Security 12 (RISE), December 2012.

If you are interested in reading more about setting up and using this project yourself, please see our further documentation.

If you are interested in downloading the source for the project, you will find it at sourceforge.

We also have other supplemental files available for download on our downloads page.

New Video

Our new video demonstrates the use of the IA_Meter. Other videos, as they are added can be found here.

A Modular Testing Environment for Implementation Attacks from CESCA on Vimeo.