Microcontroller Programming and Interfacing - ECE 2534

Course Summary

You may own one or two general-purpose PCs, but you probably own 100 micro-controllers as well. Easily the most pervasive digital component around, they are found in anything from car-brake control to door-bell melody sequencing. There may be a handful in your cell phone as well. In this course you will learn about this great digital component, how to program it in C, and how to interface it with embedded peripherals.

Syllabus spring 2018


Lecture 04 Documentation
Lecture 05 Github and CCS
Lecture 06 Bit Manipulation
Lecture 07 Programming with Time
Lecture 08 Finite State Machines
Lecture 09 Debouncing
Lecture 10 UART Basics
Lecture 11 UART Baud Rate
Lecture 12 UART Application
Lecture 13 LCD Graphics
Lecture 14 Include Files
Lecture 15 Software Timers
Lecture 16 ADC Conversion
Lecture 17 ADC Conversion 2
Lecture 18 ADC Software
Lecture 19 Interrupt Basics
Lecture 20 Interrupt Applications
Lecture 21 Time Keeping
Lecture 22 Time Keeping 2
Lecture 23 Digital Signal Processing
Lecture 24 Digital Signal Processing 2
Lecture 25 Recap ADC
Lecture 26 Recap Timer
Lecture 27 DTMF Decoding